Martin Lazar

Martin Lazar

Professor of Applied Mathematics

University of Dubrovnik


phone:  +385 20 445 842


fax: +385 20 445 770




Optimal control of parabolic equations by spectral decomposition

This paper deals with an optimal control problem of Bolza type for a class of parabolic equations. It consists in...
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Cyclonic versus Anticyclonic Circulation in Lakes and Inland Seas

A simple diagnostic model, reproducing circulation in lakes and marginal seas in which low-density waters are found...
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Greedy controllability of finite dimensional linear systems

We analyse the problem of controllability for parameter dependent linear finite-dimensional systems. The goal is to...
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Parabolic H-measures

Abstract Classical H-measures introduced by Tartar (1990) and independently by Gérard (1991) are not well suited for...
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